yes another Olympus 45mm or Pana 20mm

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Re: yes another Olympus 45mm or Pana 20mm

Maybe neither.

I would say you were served better with the wide angle, but instead of buying the panny have a look at the new Oly 17 1.8! Much faster focusing may help to take photos of children.

And, if you don't mind the perspective distorsion, you can get closer to your subject, moreover, you can crop your close-ups too to achieve real portraits. I'd say that the wide angle effect looks good when the subject is a kid.

So, overall, you'd have more opportunity with a wide angle, but consider the new Oly 17 1.8 if you have the budget.

darylmesa wrote:

So, yes I know this thread has been beaten to death, but I have yet to find my semi-particular concern.

To start off, it really will come down one or the other. The infamous "just get both" reply absolutely doesn't fit in my budget.

Now onto it. I'm debatinbg between the Olympus 45mm f 1.8 and the Pana 20mm for my epl-3.

My main concerns are shooting my children, especially indoors...not too dark, but dark enough that f3.5 from the kit lens causes blurry images.

I also shoot street, but I like the closeness a "90mm" would give me to my subject. The kit lens is more than enough for street.

The "try shooting at 42mm on the lens to see if the distance is ok for me" doesn't work, because at the highest end of the kit I'm stuck with f5.6 and that definately doesn't cut it.

I'm also equally comfortable with shooting at 20mm (40mm equiv).

I'm currently using an OM manual 50mm with adapter and I'm ok with the 100mm range (hopefully the extra 10mm will allow more room) It's just the manual focus that gets me with my children.

So would I be better off with getting the Pana 20mm and just getting in close with my feet or the Oly 45mm and using the kit lens for wider shots.

Since being comfortable and liking both ranges and not being able to afford both lenses I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Any help would be great.

Thank you all in advance.

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