White Sands National Monument

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Whether you shoot full manual or Aperture Priority, you will basically end up in the same place. When I am shooting architecture and landscapes, shutter speed isn't a consideration. Often times, I had shutter speeds of several seconds during exposures on this trip. Of the thousands of images I captured on the trip (and I am still processing!), only twice did I not shoot from a tripod using a cable release with mirror lock up. I do not want my ISO above the base when shutter speed isn't a factor. The tripod allows me to take shutter speed out of the equation.

When I was shooting the birds in flight at Bosque, I still kept the camera in Aperture Priority. However, I was constantly looking at the shutter speeds. Whenever the shutter speed fell below 1/1000th, I adjusted my ISO up until it reached 1/1000th. But, I tried my best to keep my ISO at the lowest possible level to achieve the desired shutter speed. With birds in flight, I also knew that I wanted to control my aperture. I set it at f/6.3 or so--because I knew that was the widest I could go while getting the entire bird in focus--and I wanted to widest possible aperture as it would yield the lowest possible ISO and the fastest possible shutter speed under the challenging circumstances. One morning, my ISO was at 1600 in order for me to have a 1/1000th shutter speed.

Keep in mind, I don't let the camera completely decide anything. I am looking at all three inputs (ISO, shutter speed and f/stop) all the time. With landscapes, I can ignore ISO and shutter speed because of the tripod--and that makes the whole exposure process quite simple for me.

Couple more questions - since you check the histogram and notice when there are clipped highlights, doesn't that mean your metering was a little off? In this scenario I would adjust my shutter speed a little higher rather than adjust EV. Is there a difference other than preciseness with which EV affects shutter speed? This question reflects my lack of experience with EV adjustment.

Also what is your metering (matrix, etc) and AF mode (AF-S dynamic?) set to when doing landscapes?


Matrix metering almost always gets me in the ballpark, but the meter has no idea what my intentions are for exposing an image.  So, sometimes I make adjustments.  Even with matrix metering, I believe the meter weights the are where the focus point resides a little heavier.  So, sometimes I'll move that around and see that the exposure will change slightly.

I always use AF-C dynamic.  The reason for this is that I am a strong proponent of the AF-ON method of focusing.  With AF-ON and AF-C dynamic, I can use one setting for everything from landscapes to sports.  For landscapes, I simply release the AF-ON button once I've achieved the desired focus and it is locked in from there.

Everyone prefers different methods for these things which is probably why Nikon provides so many options.  But, EV compensation is so incredible fast and accurate, that I don't see myself moving away from the method in the near future.


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