More Legacy Lens Talk!

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Re: More Legacy Lens Talk!

Let me suggest one 50 that has not been mentioned: the Zeiss Planar 1.7 (C/Y mount.) Many consider it one of the sharpest lenses made, and it is not expensive.  The reason is many people prefer the Planar 50 f1.4, which has become expensive.  The 1.7 is as good or even better than the 1.4.

For a standard walk-around lens I have not found anything better than the Canon Fdn 35 f2.  The older FD's with the thorium element are also excellent, but man they are heavy.  I personally like the 35mm focal length, 52.5 FF equivalent.  I also prefer MF to AF on the Nex 7.

The kit lens, however, is good for something wider, as it's wide end is better than it's narrow end.


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