LX7 or Canon S100 with a $299 budget?

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Re: LX7 or Canon S100 with a $299 budget?

PhotoCycler wrote:

howardfuhrman wrote:

If you want excellent low light buy a dslr with a good fast lens buy a Fuji X100, Nikon D600, or Canon 6D, Sony high end or one of the better m43's offerings.

But when you open up that fast lens on your DSLR, you will not have much DOF. You can get a lot of DOF on the LX7 using a wide open aperture, so you can take a shot at a lower ISO on the LX7 that you may have to stop down 3 stops on a DSLR in order to get the required DOF to get your subjects in focus.

I agree with what you wrote. Let me clarify my comments.  In a  a low light situation when the LX7 lens  is wide open and ISO is at 1600 to get a proper exposure,  with all lighting conditions being equal a larger sensor camera at the same settings would produce a image of higher IQ.

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