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colesf wrote:

I have a V500 and use it for both 35 and 120. It does a respectable job, especially if you know some software tricks for sharpening without grain. 8x10 can be quite good from 35mm, and 16x16 is good for 120, depending on the film. Fine-grain films like Velvia can be sharpened quite a bit without showing the grain, but not Tri-X.

However, I would probably chose a V700 for one reason: capacity. Instead of only being able to scan one strip of 3 6x6, you can do 2, which cuts your time in half. I assume the same with 35mm.

I'm not at home at the moment, but it'll do four strips of six won't it?

by the way, I own a Nikon 8000ED. It is better, but for many images, the quality difference is marginal. You really have to look hard to see any differences. The quality of the Epsons probably varies as most cheap products do. Perhaps I got lucky with a good sample.

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