SAL35F18 for photographing baby/children indoors

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Re: Correct conclusion, incorrect reasoning

fzrTom wrote:

That's why it is important to use a post processing tool like DxO.

It corrects all those dsitorsions : it is funny to see the picture with and without correction.

Please show a portrait with and without these corrections. I believe it will have no effect (at least relative to what you can do with Lightroom, Aftershot Pro, gimp, and virtually any other photoediting program). DxO is good at modeling lens distortion, but the SAL35F18 has virtually no distortion.

What you do see with any wide angle lens taking close-ups is perspective distortion. This is a fundamental property of the distance from which you are shooting the subject -- it is not a property of the lens. Please read this for an explanation of perspective distortion:

Most programs, including Lightroom, DxO, etc., will correct keystoning, which is one aspect of perspective distortion. That is useful for architecture shots, but generally not for portraits or photographs of children (at least if they are well framed in the first place). I am unaware of any program, including DxO, which will do anything about the types of perspective distortion that effect portraits (big nose effect, etc.).

Vignetting on the SAL35F18 can be significant, although it doesn't matter too much for portraiture. If you care, any program (not just DxO) can correct for it.

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