Best selling mirrorless cameras in Japan for 2012

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Re: Best selling mirrorless cameras in Japan for 2012

MichaelKJ wrote:

BCN has published aggregated unit sales data for 2012 (through Dec 24).

Olympus 28.8%, Panasonic 21.4%, Sony 18.4%, Nikon 13.3%, Pentax 7.1%, Canon 2.1%

The top 20 cameras accounted for 91.1% of total mirrorless sales. Thus, the numbers above do not include each company's share of the remaining 8.9% of sales.

Thank you for posting this useful and interesting information regarding relative camera sales of mirrorless in Japan.  It is difficult to assess based on just the weekly  BCS rankings since no sales figures are given and separate listing for every color or lens combo.

I expected Pany sales would be higher than Oly given it has 4 cameras in the top 13 but Oly has  more models in production overall.  If you combine the very similar GF3 and GF5 that model of camera would represent the overall best seller.

It would be wrong to dismiss the popularity of the Nikon 1 series to simply advertising as its 1" sensor has proved to be surprisingly good and good enough for most uses.  Combine that with its small size and two small zooms that cover all most people need to use and convenient auto mode.

In contrast to these sales figures and those in US seems that DPR m4/3 followers post the majority of their interest in just the OM5 and to lessor extent GH3 while largely ignoring the majority of  smaller more compact camera models actually bought and used by the larger public?

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