G15 ISO 6400- How'd I do it?

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Re: G15 ISO 6400- How'd I do it?

cgarrard wrote:

Photostyle wrote:

I have to admit, this one looks great, is it Jpeg OOC no PP at all ? if so why do some shot's look already bad at ISO 3200 ?

6 shots stacked makes one better Jpeg.

Yep they are OOC and no PP on each Jpeg, but there were 6 stacked. Much like what the Handheld Nightscene is doing, only I've reduced the NR to low, and sharpness to -2 for the OOC Jpegs in the Custom Color Menu.

The from raw sample looks even better because I have even more control of the final Jpegs to stack.

Anytime you shoot with a tripod, you should use the self timer and make a series of shots, then stack them later in PS.

Tomorrow I try this at 80 ISO on a landscape scene to see how lovely the final image can be.


Even without resorting to stacking images, From my experience I honestly think the straight out of camera JPEG at high ISO blows away older DSLRs such as the Sony A100.  For me, it's kind of a revelation to see a small sensor camera handle high ISO this well.

Another high ISO advantage is the fact that the G15 gives a fair amount of depth of field even when shot at f/1.8 to f/2.8.  With a DSLR, if you put on an f/1.8 lens and start shooting the depth of field will be so shallow that it is really only useful for specialty shooting where you want to separate subjects from the background.  With portraits shot from a somewhat close distance, only a small part of the face will be in focus.  That's fine if you're being artsy and that's what you want to do.  However, if you want to get reasonable DOF you will need to stop the lens down to f/4 or more, then you are losing the large sensor advantage because you will need to increase the ISO in lower light in order to maintain a sufficient shutter speed.  I realize that some people think the narrow DOF of a larger sensor camera is one of their big advantages, but in actual usage that isn't always the case.

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