New A65 Owner- Been reading but have a few questions

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Re: Best place to rent lenses?

Grats on the A65. I sell a bucket load of Alphas to beginners and see the shots they come with back to show me.

The SAL50F18 is the first lens almost every customer picks up. It retails for $199 here (Aust) and the results you get with portraits are ridiculous. Like the 35 mentioned above its plastic and cheap but the background bluryou get is unreal for the price. Set the 65 to aperture priority and change the f stop to 3.5 on ur 18-55 and you'll see the blur you can get now. Then try out the portrait lens at a retailer and you'll buy it on the spot.

Pare you in Aus? If so I can tell ya where to get one cheap.

Ive got a three month old and the portraits with a nifty fifty are unreal.   You can always go skiing. But your baby will only be a baby once. So spend your casfiesta lens for baby photos before gettinzoo bigger zoom!!!

You won't regret it. (and the mrs will love you for it) typing this on iPadĀ 

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