why no dpreview on the D4?

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Re: why no dpreview on the D4?

Because a majority of the site's visitors prefer not to read about how a camera they cannot afford is better than the one they have. When all Nikon cameras except for the D3x were at 12MP, DPReview didn't add the D3x studio scene shots for years (!) so that people didn't feel bad about their 12MP cameras. I may sound cynical, but I am not. When Amazon bought the site from Philip Askey in 2007, they did it for commercial reasons, and since the site is free, that means maximizing visitor numbers. So tuning the site for consumers by not putting too much spotlight on expensive professional cameras and giving out gold and silver awards to cameras 'in the same category' is in a way legitimate. And the site still offers a VAST amount of useful and valuable information, free of charge! It may not be the best site for pro equipment, but it still is one of the best photography sites in my opinion.

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