New Garage Studio Setup

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Re: New Garage Studio Setup

If you are looking for something to diffuse your hot-shoe flash you should consider a Photek Softlighter II. You can find clones of it but the price for the original is pretty good - up to you. The nice thing is that with this diffuser the back of the hot-shoe flash is available so it is easy to change the power of the flash when in manual power mode.


Thanks man, I've ordered an umbrella/softbox also.

This will give me the basic kit to do off-camera flash with a single light source, for a pretty small outlay. Should have the kit next week to try out.

My plan will be to add 2 studio lights (with modifiers/triggers) to the setup, along with a background solution in the coming months.

Just as an a-side, why is it that many photographers seem to be using zoom lenses in the studio (from what I've seen), rather than fixed primes? I get it is more flexible, but I'd have thought primes would give better results...

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