Best selling mirrorless cameras in Japan for 2012

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Re: Interesting trends...

Surefoot wrote:

grumpyolderman wrote:

Hi Tom, cheers, somebody just posted this above (or I found it "just...), very good read:

I summarised it above, m43 worldwide is about 17% of total mirrorless sales, reality check!


What we can see from these numbers, is mirrorless and rangefinder (together) numbers doubling (around 200% from last year) while DSLR numbers are stagnating or slowly decreasing (97% or 100% from last year). So this specific market (*) growth is clearly led by the mirrorless...

(*) system cameras

Right, but only in the figures for one month, there was no figures for the longer durations, but of course, I hope you are right, I would want to buy lenses and bodies in years to come...


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