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Re: sRGB if you need to ask (nt)

Starred wrote:

Ok thanks, clear answer.

The question remains, whats the use of having a wide gamut monitor if you shoot jpeg?

Is it perhaps better to set my monitor as sRGB and recalibrate it?

Quick answer again...

There isnt really much point, if you have spent the money on a wide gamut monitor I really think that you should be shooting in raw and using a colour managed app too in order to see the benefit.

Wide gamut monitors are usually expensive and have a larger than adobeRGB gamut in certain areas so you want to be in raw to maximize it.

In terms of printers, I believe most higher end end consumer and up Canon and Epson will print adobeRGB files properly (although they dont cover the whole gamut) so there can be some advantages.

This is a massive topic, Id suggest spending a weekend shooting, editing and printing whilst reading as much as you can on google until it starts to sink in

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