ARGGHHHH!!! Stuck pixel on my D800

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digital ed wrote:

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Okay, I see others have given you portions of the answer, so here it goes, to sum up:

  • You mention lower ISOs when you didn't see them. This tells me your pixel is a ​hot​ pixel (not stuck or dead), and these will show up at a certain ISO, but not lower ISOs
  • Lightroom automatically detects and removes hot, stuck or dead pixels. That may be another reason you're not doing it.
  • The D800 allegedly remaps bad pixels when you issue the sensor clean command (apparently twice in a row). If your camera is set to clean the sensor on ON/OFF, then turning the camera ON/OFF a couple of times may have done the trick.

Some definitions:

  1. Dead pixel: a pixel that is always stuck on pure black, because it is actually not recording light. IOW, it's always completely off/disabled.
  2. Stuck pixel: a pixel that is always stuck at a non-black (non-zero) color value, regardless of the level of light it should have recorded.
  3. Hot pixel: a pixel that behaves like a stuck pixel under certain conditions, such as, the sensor gets hot, you are taking a long exposure, or the ISO (sensor analog gain) goes above a certain level.
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I had a stuck pixel on my Eizo monitor for a couple of years. Just got my D800 and did the sensor clean routine. The pixel on my monitor is now gone. Did the sensor cleaning get rid of the stuck pixel on my monitor?

No, chances are it just "recovered" on its own. I had a stuck pixel on a new monitor once. I read on the internet that one can encourage it back to life by pressing gently on the screen repeatedly with a matchstick or toothpick. It worked!

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