Improved Pancake?

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Re: Improved Pancake?

Carlgo wrote:

About all this "bad copy" talk. I have doubts, and this is why

There certainly are bad copies of this lens and the problem exists

I am happy for you that you didn't experience it with you copy, but many other people have had it

Even the reference copy of the E16/2.8 at the Sony European central repair centre in Bremmen, Germany suffers from decentering

I dropped my 16 into the ocean, ruining it. So, naturally I took it apart.

There are a number of die-cast precision plastic parts, seemingly made of some sort of quality plastic.

No human hands modify these parts. No extra machining or adjustment possibilities noted. Likely the next one that comes out of the machine is exactly the same as the one before.

From what I can see, they fit together one way only. And they certainly seem to fit with precision. There is no wiggle. While machined metal parts are far sexier, these plastic parts appear to be perfectly precise.

The lens elements are tiny and fit securely in plastic holders which in turn fit into the other plastic parts. It appears that there are no alternative ways these lenses can be mounted

There is a web site where they dismantle an E16/2.8.

The construction is exacly as you describe

However they are tiny so the slightest imprecission in manufacture of the component parts will have a corresponding high impact on the final optical properties.  Nor, as you say, is there any way to regulate or adjust the elements after final assembly

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