Water Drop with 105 mm 2.8 macro

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DCamFan wrote:

I tried a lower shutter speed of 250 and this produced the following sharp image. Thank for the feedback. I am still a little unclear about the technical side of this. My understanding is that the slower shutter speed requires less flash, the smaller flash requirement lets the flash fire at its faster speed, and this freezes the action. Is this correct?

Yes because you are only really using the flash as a light source (if your shooting indoors without a large amount of light) in this situation and small aperture to get a good DoF, the image capture is only when the flash is firing, so the SS doesn't really matter. The only thing is the flash has to be as close as possible to the subject so you can keep the power as low as possible, I usually put cling film over mine to stop it from getting too wet from the splashes.

This link is one of the guides I used to help me. At the moment I only use a plastic bottle with a hole in the bottom, but would love a computer controlled setup.


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