A question for the Pro Photographers on this forum.................

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Chris Tofalos
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Re: A question for the Pro Photographers on this forum.................

I sold all my Canon kit on eBay just before Christmas, at the same time ordering the two fast Panasonic zooms and adding the diminutive E-PL5 to my 'arsenal' (I love Olympus JPG quality and colour repro).

I've been using CSCs for my work for two years and only brought out the Canons for sports/action. As I'm less interested in this area now I finally decided to go all M4/3, mainly because of the size/weight savings.

At the moment I see the main limitations of M4/3 as continuous AF tracking performance and the lack of a working AF illuminator (which would be useful for certain indoor social events I have to cover). I expect to see improvements with both in upcoming models and can certainly cope with what I have in the meantime.

Colleagues have suggested that I might lose professional credibility without a massive camera/battery grip/large lens round my neck but I believe if you act like a professional that's all that matters. And I also believe the smaller kit is less intimidating for certain portrait subjects and less noticeable for street photography.

Perhaps the crucial question is: If I could wave a magic wand and change back to a Canon system, perhaps with every lens/body I've ever dreamt of, would I do so? And the answer is, no...


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