What does a Gold Award really mean?

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Re: What does a Gold Award really mean?

It means absolutely nothing. Really. You can't capture a camera's quality in a single number -- it depends on what you do with it. DPReview reviewers are used to specific models, and evaluate everything with that bias. Read the review for the aspects of the camera you care about and move on. I've seen things on dpreview with very bad reviews that I liked, and gold-rated ones I thought were junk.

The a99 is clearly the wrong camera for you. That's okay.

For me, there are no full frames on the market right now I find desirable. I'm pretty happy with the a77, and I want IBIS and I want an EVF. I can't get off off fast, stabilized primes, focus zoom, etc. For me, the key showstopper on the a99 is the price tag. I'm holding out for either a D600 competitor sometime in 2013 or 2014, or a $2800 camera that actually has substantial benefit (e.g. has the option to move the mirror as per Sony's new patent, has three control knobs, has open firmware, or something else major and innovative).

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