Best selling mirrorless cameras in Japan for 2012

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Re: The list is correct

texinwien wrote:

zxaar wrote:

Everdog wrote:

The Q was available all year while the OMD was not.

The Q cost about 1/3rd which means it should sell more. A pefect example is Canon Rebels outsell Canon FF cameras 20:1 (even Sony SLTs outsell Canon FF cameras!). My bet is an average P&S outsells the best Rebel by 20:1 too.

Please think before you post.

Tell it to who creates such lists. They are the ones who ranked them not me.

Further I remember this list was very important to you when you used to compare m43 with NEXes. So you do the thinking, I just enjoy the situation.

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The problem is with consumers of the list who are unable or not intelligent enough to make sense of what the list is telling them, taking into account, for instance, which cameras were sold all year, and which were only sold for part of the year.


Boy , someone's feelings are hurt because OMD ranks below pentax Q.

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::> Knowledge is mother of efficiency.

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