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Re: Just more speculation from a m4/3 adopter

dave gaines wrote:


Your post is just a lot of speculation on the part of someone who bought a m4/3 camera. A lot of m4/3 owners would like to see a body that approaches a Pro DSLR level. They keep wishing for a better body or a hybrid. They keep hoping that Oly ZD 4/3 HG and SHG lenses will someday, somehow work on a sensor-based, CDAF focus system as well as they do on a PDAF DSLR system. They continue to hope for m4/3 to be better than a DSLR at a time when the best lens offerings in m4/3 are about equal to SG kit lenses - when the best m4/3 lenses are primes.

From your posts I take it you bought into micro4/3. Good for you, but it's not a DSLR and the negative rant you're offering doesn't belong here.

You've been here for 9 months and seen this forum diminsh? It's not because there are fewer Olympus DSLR owners, though that may be true. It's because anyone who wants to learn photography with an Oly DSLR has to wade through all the Doom and Gloom naysayers and m4/3 adopters who keep coming here to tell us our system is dead.

The forum could thrive again, once DSLR owners see the m4/3 adopters posting in the Micro 4/3 forum. Until then, DSLR owners are avoiding this forum. Those of us who remain come to Olympus DSLR Talk forum to discuss using our Olympus DSLRs, post photos and expand our skills using this equipment.

Olympus has never made a lot of money on cameras. Their main biz' is medical equipment. Having superb optics for a DSLR may be just their way to have a known brand name or have lens credibility. The market for micro 4/3 MILC will be saturated in a couple of years too, and there goes your biz' model for making profit from m4/3.

What the future holds is just a guess. No one knows and Olympus is not saying. No camera maker ever says what's coming to the market a year from now. They've said once again that they are not abandoning 4/3 lenses. No one can read anything else into that except that it will be like an E-5 DSLR, or better.

I'll second everything you just said! This same bs went on for a year running up to the E5 release, except we didin't have all the m43 whiny pee pants in here telling us our system was dead!

Olympus has said it will continue DSLR production until which time m43rds is equal to the DSLR! Now if Olympus has stopped production of DSLR's then that must mean they can equal the DSLR in every respect or they are LIARS! If Olympus has a hybrid that equals a DSLR that's fine too, I can now add that beautiful 75mm portrait lens.

Don't count me as one of those die hard loyalist to Olympus that refuses to accept reality. I'm in pretty much the exact position Collin is in, except I won't face the exorbitant shipping charges. I'm currently looking at the Olympus ring flash but have decided on the Metz because it has ttl function on Oly, Pentax, Nikon and Canon which might be useful in the future.

For now my gear is way above my abilities and I go back and forth as to whether to add some cheap SHG's that I've always dreamed of or jump ship, hmmmmm.

Happy New Year Everyone

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