NEX 5N only producing 4:3 YouTube video in MP4 format

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Re: NEX 5N only producing 4:3 YouTube video in MP4 format

CosmoZooo wrote:

Really, that's an interesting piece of info. I still think Sony is out of their mind and would love to hear a developer explain to me why on earth it does 1440x1080 in MP4 instead of 1920x1080 or at least not both.

The primary reason is bandwidth. 1440 video contains 25% less data than 1920 video. So it's easier on the compressor. It allows the compressor to spend 25% more time on improving the quality of the compression.

But if you're correct then everything shot with 1440 should look stretched vertically when played in the native 4:3. That is so strange though...why on earth...

There is no native 4:3. The native aspect ratio of this video is 16:9. 1440 video contains a flag that specifies how the video should be displayed. This video should always be shown in 16:9 regardless of the number of pixels in the frame.

DVD video for example was never encoded at either 4:3 or 16:9. It was always encoded in the US at 720x480 (give or take a little overscan buffer) which is 3:2. But DVD video had a flag that told TVs whether to squeeze the video for 4:3, or stretch it for 16:9 display.

PAL DVDs are encoded at 720x576 which is 5:4, so this video has to be stretched for both 4:3 and 16:9.
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