Should I go for Image quality of Sony NEX or feature set on Panasonic Lumix G5

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Re: Should I go for Image quality of Sony NEX or feature set on Panasonic Lumix G5

I sold my Lumix G3 yesterday, and all of my Lumix lenses (20mm pancake, 2x zoom lenses) are due out on next couple of days.

NEX-7 got to my door on Xmas, along with SEL35, SEL50 and Sigma 19mm.

Main reason for me to switch: sensor size.

Matter of fact, m4/3 is constrained "by design" to a 224.9 sqmm area, which is 63% smaller than my new camera's (or in general, to APS-C's, even though my Canon 40D's is slightly smaller).

You may find the fine optical reasonings going along with advantage of sensor size in some other threads.

Sure, lenses also make the difference and it's true, Pana/Oly might have wider choice of lenses; but for my ideal system (landscape, a few candids) the ideal setup would have included either 2 out of the following 4: Voigtlander 17.5, Voigtlander 25, Leica 25, Leica 45.

Not selling out cheap, any of 'em.

Given my needs and the DR and objective optical quality achievable on larger size sensors, investing lenses money on m4/3 platform would not have been as wise as on a platform based on a larger sensor, not constrained "by design" and potentially expanding to FF in 2013-14 (if we want to pay any attention to rumors , and if E-mount lenses will be somehow compatible).

Too bad, the Voigt' 17.5 seems to show heavy vignetting on NEX, due to the fact that it has been designed for the m4/3 smaller sensor. But there's plenty of good alternatives with legacy lenses out there, which I'm thoroughly investigating right now. Any advice on that from this community, of course, will be most appreciated!

my 2c, hopefully helpful to someone

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