Not as sharp as expected

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Re: Not as sharp as expected

When you shoot dimly-lit interiors, you can't expect to get top quality, no matter what you do and which camera you use. But with a 1/8-sec. shutter, you have to use some means to steady the camera. Even with a tripod, many shots may be blurred a little, by the action of squeezing the button. The right method of squeezing and breathing is the same as for shooting a gun. An optional remote shutter-release might help. Cameras that have electronic remote control would be best for avoiding this. This thread you started about the release got some good responses: Did you receive the release and use it?

I use a large shoulder-mount for such shots and if I take enough exposures, sometimes one of them will be sharp. The superzoom cameras may be versatile, but aren't intended to be ideal for closeup and interior photography. This model will be at its best when shooting mid to long-range subjects.

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