D-490 - "Waaah"

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Re: D-490 - "Waaah"

Thank you for your detailed reply.

After three years of ownership I did get my C-750 cleaned. They replaced the inner plastic front shell for free, saying the original was broken. The old shell was returned with the camera, and I could never find any break in it. However, this solved the dust suction problem from there on. There was no longer a need to suck dust out of the EVF, and the pictures remained clear as well.

Particularly in the first year after release (I was an early adopter then), the dust sucking problem was discussed on this forum. Other brands are not immune either, judging from forum posts and friends in the radio club.

You have certainly done a great job in reviving so many C-750UZs headed for early oblivion. I gave mine to Sandra's daughter's boyfriend of that time. The SP-550UZ, and then the SP-570UZ, quite simply gave me better detail, particularly with moon shots and electronic stuff. Cassandra got another boyfriend a few years later, so I don't know whether that C-750 is still alive.

I do find it useful that my current addiction (the SZ-30MR) takes stills and videos at the same time. Whether my video taking is 'professional' may be open to debate though.

Thanks again for your detailed reply.

This is another D-490 shot from this morning. I have re-charged AA cells for the next year of slumber.


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