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Re: I think filmpack is where all the magic happens

Robin Casady wrote:

The Photo Ninja wrote:

There are so many ways to tweak the images from within DxO with that plugin enabled. You can really give your images some character that I have been unable to recreate in Lightroom.

As with any converter, you just need to take the time to learn it.

Settings for the following image.

You can do funky stuff, it you want to.

Alienskin Exposure 4 is a great plugin, but it's not applying the data to the raw file and is really a two step solution with it's own complications.

There are a lot of plug-ins like that for Lightroom 4.3. They do not appeal to me. They aren't really your work. They are like sending film to the drug store for processing.

Of course, there are presets you can buy for Lightroom like VSCO, but they are expensive and I haven't seen results that I like.

Lastly, DxO's neutral profiles are color accurate (without having to use an Xrite colorchecker)

I suspect that is an empty claim. No camera produces perfectly accurate color.

Color changes with camera, lens, and light. If you want to be able to have consistent color for a shoot with different cameras and/or lenses, you can't do it with canned profiles. If you want to do critical color reproduction it is easier when starting with a profile created with your camera and lighting.

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