Leonard Cohen -- last concert shot with the F200EXR

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Re: Leonard Cohen -- last concert shot with the F200EXR

Michael Melb AU wrote:

These images are taken with love and knowledge - which compensates in part for blotchy colors of curtains and unclear face expessions because of conveniently chosen downsampling. They are definitely not out of place on some internet blog.

Wow ... you are one bitter dude.

F30/31 would probably do just as well -

Se my other response to your other whinge ... I show an F10 in action, and a few other cams ...

and probably not worse than F770.

Yes, worse. By a mile. Reach and RAW win every time.

But, as compared to iPhone,

WHy are you still talking

(many of concert goers use), the images are definitely much better.

Thanks for the back of your hand ... what a lame critique.

I just keep wondering why buy something like a discounted F770 if 4/3s are at hand?

Have you been to a concert in this century? One cannot take an m4/3 into most major venues. Not with a lens that can reach the performers from anywhere.

They would definitely do. 2Mp crop from central part of an image would take us much closer than this.

So? Getting one in is dicey and leaving one with security is of no interest to me.

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