An American apology to the World

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Re: I don't appologize for itchhhh

vadimraskin wrote:

Richard wrote:

itchhh wrote:

The video link below should be mandatory viewing for every single American citizen. Although we have not directly pulled the trigger, we are all guilty through our complacency. I suppose we could claim ignorance since our media only tells us what *they* want us to know, but I suspect that wouldn't hold any water either.

As an American, he has the right to free speech. He can be as loving, kind, irritating, obnoxious as he wants to be. If he spreads falsehoods and lies he is not taken seriously.

He could be a skin head or KKK member, and as long as he doesn't violate anyones freedom or the laws of our country, he can say anything he wants. (Though he must abide by the rules at DPR if he wants to post.

There will always be war, famine, racists and people like itchhh. I care more about living in a free country which Obama has done more to destroy freedom than most other presidents (but the others are guilty too, both sides including house, senate).

Freedom of speech at work, if you don't like it, don't read it and don't feed trolls.


would you please elaborate some more on how exactly did Obama destroyed your freedom?


Vadimiraskin one very obvious thing Obama has done to impeed freedom in America is in regard to the Obamacare Mandates that make it difficult to follow your religious conscience. If a healthcare provider does not want deal with birth control or abortion via the morning after pill they face stiff penalties. This does not remind me of the America I have known for many years. We don't force the Jehovah witnesses to salute or stand for it in school meaning the flag.. We let Muhammed Ali skip on Vietnam due to religious conviction. Obama does not like the constitution because the constitution was written to protect the citizen from government. Obama is all about government control. Stevie Wonder could see that ! We have a history of tolerating religious diversity in this country. With Obama it seems that the future does not belong to thoes who insult the prophet but everyone else gets kicked to the curb in respect to what this government wants. He is a terrible president ! What will it take to wake you people up !

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