Best selling mirrorless cameras in Japan for 2012

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Re: Please think before you post.

MichaelKJ wrote:

Rriley wrote:

Everdog wrote:

The Q was available all year while the OMD was not.

not sure how this fits into the mix but the site says

' based on the data of May 24 to 12 January 1, 2012 of "BCN Ranking" was aggregated data '

at the top of each the charts

'Top 20 share sales by less SLR camera series - Mira 2012
(: May 24 to 12 aggregation period January 1, 2012) '


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Based on the the content of the article, I think May 24 is either a mistranslation or a typo in the article. Reasons that support this inference are:

1) the article was written on Dec 28;

I think its just one of those translator bugs, nonetheless thats what it says

2) the article states that the J1 had 14.7% for the first half but After the fall, but sales declined somewhat;

to me there is no doubt about the figures, they are too far apart for any perceived differences to alter positions importantly. So it makes a positionally comfortable if just a little ad-hok analysis

3) Below the chart showing the top 20 cameras is the following: December 24 January 1 BCN Ranking 2012;

4) The article also notes that even though the market share of the top three (Olympus, Panasonic & Sony) had declined from the previous year, Each company has already exceeded the previous year's sales as of December 24.

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