Anyone willing to compare GH3 viewfinders using actual photos?

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Re: Anyone willing to compare GH3 viewfinders using actual photos?

Zoeff wrote:

sea_dragon wrote:

Zoeff wrote:

sea_dragon wrote:

Here is a quick video that shows my GH3 viewfinder:

I'd be very curious to see what happens when you move the diopter dial towards the other end and try that again. Assuming your copy is the same it should be quite a bit worse.

EDIT: Just to clarify, this issue isn't just academic for me - Depending on the situation I have genuine problems seeing what the camera has focused on.

Just to clarify, your diopter is set as follows:

Click up (counter-clockwise) until it hits the stop. Then click down (clockwise) 1 or 2 clicks.

I can try and do another video tomorrow with the diopter set that way.

It's on the other end, so go clockwise until you hit the stop, then go a few clicks counter-clockwise. This is pretty much the opposite of what you use during general shooting.

LOL... I guess my clarification wasn't so clear.

We are indeed at the same end of the diopter then.

I was counting from it's normal viewing position when I said "With the diopter in its normal position, I then click it downward until it hits the end for a total of 8 clicks."

Put a different way, I turn the diopter down (clockwise) until it hits the stop. Then I go 8 clicks up (counter-clockwise). So, we're really just 6 clicks away.

I thought something wasn't quite right because at the other end of the diopter (which we both are not near), it's a complete blurry mess.

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