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Re: OM-D Files and DXO Lens Softness Corrections ?

Detail Man wrote:

The initial (unmodified as per the above recoimmendation) levels of NR controls can (I find) often be only a fraction (1/5, 1/4, 1/3, etc.) of the values that DxO Optics Pro automatically selects. I usually scale-down all three of the NR controls by what are equal geometric amounts.

On my GH2, I typically use the following fractions as a function of ISO Sensitivity with success:

ISO=160 - 20% (divide automatic NR settings by 5)

ISO=200 - 25% (divide automatic NR settings by 4)

ISO=400 - 33% (divide automatic NR settings by 3)

ISO=800 - 50% (divide automatic NR settings by 2)

Yes, one area that DXO 'automatic' settings do a poor job is their over aggressive noise reduction that renders an unreal image that I imagine few people will like. Your approach sounds eminently sensible and also reveals the extent of DXO's over enthusiasm. It may actually sees these settings that have put some people off DXO.

I have previously simply switched NR off and used Nik's Dfine which works on the exported tiff files.

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