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Re: Interesting titbit from Luminous landscape

Folks have been proposing that a) Sigma/Foveon is dead; or b) Sigma/Foveon is about to be killed, for years now. I am not sure why so many take such great delight in those rumors and guesses and hopes.

So far, of course, camera manufacturers, with one lone exception, have preferred to beat the Bayer idea into submission. Who can blame them, because it works pretty well, in a mediocre sort of way, after the image is blurred and reconstituted, etc. But as we say, these are simply technical issues to be overcome...

The naivety of the anti-Sigma posters on this forum is astounding. (Begging the question of why they are even here...)

I have no doubt that MR has been the recipient of such "inside" information and possibly precisely because of his review of the DP2M.

The other camera manufactures must loathe Sigma, first for producing cheaper and/or better lenses, combined with reverse engineering their designs, and then for competing with them, even in any small way. And to actually succeed, as with the DP2M? Horrible. The underlying concept here is that (as I understand it, and I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong) Sigma was the only manufacturer interested in the Foveon sensor. Everyone else went with the herd.

Sigma users also decided to not go with the herd.

All of those patents (feasible or not) could be created simply to make it more difficult for Sigma to change its own basic approach or make improvements, or for similar reasons, with no intention whatsoever of actually producing anything.

For that matter, there is no denying the quality of the images produced by the DP2M and the other manufacturers can see it. If the Bayer concept is limited, as some propose, then what is the alternative? Obviously, something like Foveon.

As I see it the current Foveon sensor works very well, but it does have light gathering (photo-site size and fill-factor) issues compared to the better current Bayer sensors. If Sigma can actually produce a sensor with better low-light performance combined with the the same spatial and color accuracy, then there will be some interesting rumors. Meanwhile, some folks seem to have an aversion to using any sort of supplementary lighting, or a tripod.


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