Is there any clear difference

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Re: Is there any clear difference

GalaxyIII wrote:

BigCatDaddy wrote:

They are all great. They will all be around awhile. So you buy the one you get the best deal on, used or new.

My biggest concern is if I get into a system. I will loose some substantial money if Im invested too heavily in one system. For most people, once they get into it, they stick with it.

This brand loyalty thing seems to be infectious. IM not sure I want to get into that so its hard to ask questions about different manufactures. Seems most people stick with their brand and show a measurable amount of loyaty without necessarily knowing the other systems.

Would people here agree that the majority of people will stick with one brand, or do most people see a system that is head and shoulders above the one they have and switch? Or do most peole not even investigate another system

For eg. Sony seems to have some very innovative technology. But its Sony! IM still doing a lot of research.

Thanks for any input.

Most people will stick with the same system once they get in.  Not because of infectious brand loyalty, but because of all the interchangeable parts.  There would need to be a huge motivation to switch and the two top brands - Nikon and Canon - are both more than good enough to keep the motivation level in check.  Sure there are exceptions.

I would suggest look into the lens selection relative to what you want to do.  Go to the store and handle both systems.  Look online and check out the sort of work being done with each system.

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