RE: Rumor Roundtable - If this rumored G2X had "x" number of features, could I tempt you?

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Re: On weather resistance.....

Although I am not an expert on this, I would think there is a significant difference between manufacturing cameras with qualities of weatherPROOFING or weatherRESISTANCE. The K-30 is weather-resistant and has 81 seals around the camera.

The poster (Tron) mentioned that he expected weatherPROOFING with a camera.  Since the G1-X weighs 534 grams, would the high-end, fixed-lens market tolerate the camera's weight be raised any more than it already weights?  I suppose if an upcoming G2-X approached the weight amount of a body-only Pentax K-30 (650 grams) that would unleash more disappointment than praise.

By the way, with all of Tron's expectations added to a hypothetical G2-X, that would cannibalize all of Canon's SLR market.  Yeah sure, a G2-X wouldn't be able to do have the same flexibility (great apertures, flexible focal lengths) like removable lenses like a traditional SLR, but it would come awfully close - given the great IS and - potentially - even more expandable ISO.

Anyway, thank you for contribution, Rod and Tron! 


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