Best selling mirrorless cameras in Japan for 2012

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Re: Please think before you post.

Everdog wrote:

The Q was available all year while the OMD was not.

not sure how this fits into the mix but the site says

' based on the data of May 24 to 12 January 1, 2012 of "BCN Ranking" was aggregated data '

at the top of each the charts

'Top 20 share sales by less SLR camera series - Mira 2012
(: May 24 to 12 aggregation period January 1, 2012) '

and at the bottom 'The database actual selling that collection and aggregation data daily actual sales the PC, such as digital consumer electronics from net shop electronics stores leading nationwide, "BCN Ranking", covers about 40% of the over-the-counter market in Japan are.'

The Q cost about 1/3rd which means it should sell more. A pefect example is Canon Rebels outsell Canon FF cameras 20:1 (even Sony SLTs outsell Canon FF cameras!). My bet is an average P&S outsells the best Rebel by 20:1 too.

remember the prophesy that when C&N go mirrorless they will take the market?
mirrorless by manufacturer,
1-Olympus (29.8%),
2-Panasonic (23.6%),
3-Sony (20.0%),
4 Nikon (14.3%),
5-Pentax Q (9.4%),
6-Canon (2.1)

looks like overall cameras Canon (28.6%), Nikon (25.0%), Olympus (14.3%), Sony (13.3%) Panasonic (11.3%).

Canon had the best selling individual model with something called the EOS Kiss X5 that spanked everyone else at 22.3%. Compare that to the top selling FF but now discontinued (just) 5DII at 2.1%

SLRs are owned by C&N, Canon 52.9%, Nikon is 34.8%, the first 11 places going to APSC,
FF being 6.2% with the best seller 5DII

anyone able to see total # of cameras in the data?

Please think before you post.

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