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Re: X20 OVF

PGR streetshooter wrote:

Well, lets be realistic and take the dreams and put them into the camera that we now have.

Many complain the they can't see the lower right of the finder because the lens blocks the view. So let's make the lens longer and what happens? There now is more encroachment to the finder as the lens rows.

In the existing camera finder, X10,.... just think about digital icons now being in the finder and if they would detract even more from the fov. Now make the lens longer and what happens to those digital icons? All that's really needed in the finder is a very small focus target point. Then have the screen switch off as the eye goes to the finder. Remove the eye and the screen is on to check settings. You know how that works.

If an EVF was built in then this is a mute conversation.

I wouldn't and don't use either as I use the screen to abstract my 2 dimensional image from 3 dimensional reality.

Many of my students insist on a finder and yet don't understand how to use them to frame. They don't get the process of vision and how to abstract an image from it. They can't see the frame before the camera is raised.

Unfortunately these students are in their mid to late years. The data in the X100 OVF is extremely distracting. Only the AF target needs to be there...then maybe the exp data. Period. Yes my opinion and I have a right to have it. Not creating a platform for argument.

Flip the lever and you get all the data you need from the EVF or screen. So if shooters are upset about 85% view and the lens killing the lower right of the frame....why put more garbage in there to further create a distraction?

I'm old and war torn and some things I don't get at all...but then again..somethings I get really well

I am no spring chicken and I like the info in the VF and really want that EVF... I find it very helpful.

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