Tips for getting the best auto-focus

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Re: Tips for getting the best auto-focus

MAC wrote:

yes Yogi, I've used C.Fn 6, #1 - "AE Lock/AF" for the last decade

besides enabling Zone Focus by simply removing your thumb from the back button, to lock focus on a zone and let the subject come into the zone and then shoot, there is a very important use of this feature that I'll also explain below.

I photograph events "in a pj environment" where people are sometimes rather still but then move in a moments notice. If you are in single shot, you'll miss the moving moments -- not even time taking a few seconds to switch to AIServo.

The C.Fn 6,1 feature enables you to better stay in AISERVO ALL the time while photographing pj events -- because you can simply lock focus on still life by removing your thumb, and if the still people start walking or running, you are already in AISERVO where you need to be to track - you are ready to track in an instant.

Since my 10d days I developed the "nervous habit technique" of staying in AISERVO and punching the back button on still life (a good contrasty edge) and listening if the focus moves on the third punch -- so the first punch is to get close, the second punch is refine, and the third punch is to listen for any kind of movement of the focus system in the lens - and if not, remove thumb to lock focus, recompose and shoot. Modification to this is --that in very low light I found it best to punch once instead on 3 times since the focus can hunt more in very low light

I have a 95% + hit rate with prosumer dslr cameras for the last decade using this technique in AISERVO most of the time and using the back button to focus lock and focus track.


all I can say is to practice

This is almost EXACTLY how I focus too. And with great success also.


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