Is there any clear difference

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Yes, there is - Re: Is there any clear difference

GalaxyIII wrote:

How do you choose a system?

I like how you formulated the question.  After a while it does indeed end up being about the system.

fft81 wrote:

I went with nikon, because i knew that nikon lenses can be used on cannon bodies in manual mode but not the other way around.

This is my partly my answer too.  But one answer in favour of Canon is better compatibility with legacy lenses (OM Zuikos, M42's and many more).  The Nikon can't focus these lenses to infinity.

My very subjective reason for choosing Nikon is that their lenses manual-focus in the direction my brain thinks (other lenses manual-focus the other direction).

I'm in the middle of switching from 5DII to D600, and have experience of both systems even before getting the 5DII.  There are many fine differences, but their significance will be different for each user.  The good news is that any Canon or Nikon camera+lens combi (other than perhaps the really entry-level stuff) is a good choice.  There are tons of lenses available, and all the gear is generally excellent and reliable.

Sony?  Not much experience there, but I do know you've got far less lens choice...but their SLT range is an interesting alternative still.

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