Sixty-two known RX1s... a report

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tesilab Senior Member • Posts: 2,726
Sixty-two known RX1s... a report

An update to all the serial numbers I know of, plus all the forum members I have noticed with RX1s. The total is 62. Half sent me serial numbers. Some returned their units for repair or refund.

If you are on this list and haven't sent a serial number, ship date, country, and vendor -- please consider doing so. If you had a problem with your unit, please say what it was here. If you haved returned it for a refund, or a repair/replacement, I will track that to and report back the findings.

Pardon me if I got information wrong, or missed you altogether!

3010371 11/15/2012 Sony JP brandonheato
3500048 12/3/2012 B&H US maxuci non-circular aperture
3500067 12/10/2012 Amazon US tesilab
3500099 12/6/2012 Amazon US becasabot
3500112 12/10/2012 Amazon US mikegoat
3500126 12/9/2012 Amazon US ncsakany non-circular aperture
3500174 11/30/2012 Amazon US since1968
3500177 12/3/2012 Amazon US r x - p l a y
3500226 12/10/2012 Amazon US Hughesnet
3500265 12/11/2012 Amazon US sean lancaster non-circular aperture return for replacement
3500275 12/3/2012 Focus Camera US? LTZ470
3500570 12/7/2012 Amazon US blueksy
3500649 Amazon US? kfinkl already opened unit, sold as new, unsmooth focus ring
3500745 12/11/2012 Sony (In store) US IdealCamera DOA
3500768 12/7/2012 Sony US DaleNorth
3500776 12/7/2012 B&H US teseg initial not round, fixed itself
3500801 12/10/2012 B&H US Blue Orca
3500811 12/7/2012 B&H US jpatkinson
3500926 12/4/2012 Sony US cityathrt
3500932 12/11/2012 B&H US kswaic
3500950 12/4/2012 Sony US barjohn
3500972 12/5/2012 Sony US terradyn non-circular aperture returned for repair/replacement
3500984 12/5/2012 Sony CA WCguy
3501188 12/19/2012 Beach Camera US chiumeister oil spots on sensor returned for replacement
3501278 12/27/2012 Amazon US Peter Foiles
3501501 12/15/2012 Sony US KnightFall non-circular aperture, focus returned
4450251 12/7/2012 Sony UK marknb
4451070 12/14/2012 Sony LU oVan
5522064 12/6/2012 Sony AU snet
5522240 12/12/2012 Sony AU NevilleB
5522871 12.28 Sony AU oorwullie
Alex P Scorsch
bufo non-circular aperture
Donald Chin
Elias Mereb
emailnotebox non-circular aperture
jwocky non-circular aperture
Mark Rinella non-circular aperture
NeilJones returned
packlite sent camera to Laredo for inspection
photoshoto focus issues
Richard Spangler
Rick La Rocca
zerozeronine non-circular aperture

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