What's your experience with Capture One Pro 7?

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Re: What's your experience with Capture One Pro 7?

Jim B (MSP) wrote:

Jsimmons wrote:

... I was wondering if there are any regular users of C1 out there who could comment on their overall experience with the software. My initial experience is that it is not as consistently organized as LR4 but I'd appreciate you opinion.

I have been using CO since version 3.x. I also use Lightroom, currently at 4.3. I only shoot RAW.

I would say that my usage is about 70/30 for CO/LR when integrated over a few months.

I also use Media Pro as a DAM, and keep it sync'd with the LR library. I only use the "sessions" in CO, not the catalogs; I send photos to be processed to CO from MP. It is like switching between the Library and Develop tabs of LR.

I try to use each piece of software for its strengths; neither is perfect.

For CO, I use it for its great color capability and how it handles faces / skin. I use CO when I have great light, shoot in low ISO, have a lot of faces that dominate a shot, or I want to print something in a large print. I use LR for high volume of shots taken at higher ISOs which are generally noisier and which I will primarily share on the web, such as my grandson's soccer game at night on a lighted field. For large prints, I always export to PS and use Topaz deNoise and Detail.

I prefer the user interface of CO to LR; I especially like the Quick tool tab where I load my most often used processing tools.

I have a relatively new and fast laptop with 8G memory - both the newest CO7 and LR4 are a bit slower that the previous versions, but quite acceptable.

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Thanks so much for the detailed reply, Jim! I'm looking forward to integrating CO into my workflow for some of these images. Until I figure out how good CO is as a DAM, I expect I will use CO for RAW conversion for selected X-E1 files, export into Photoshop for finishing and import the TIFF into LR4 for management. If that sounds insane, let me know! Again,, thanks!


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