Tips for getting the best auto-focus

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Re: Tips for getting the best auto-focus

WilbaW wrote:

Sovern wrote:

Honestly I gave back button focus a try but shutter button focus lock and recompose seemed to result in a much higher keeper rate when using very wide apertures.

Generally, when done correctly, BBF with AI Servo or One-shot will give the same focus as One-shot on the shutter button, so I suspect you're accusing the wrong suspect. Not saying you should stop doing what works for you...

to meter separately from focus - is very powerful! Only way for me

the 63 zone iFCL metering on the newer cameras in evaluative is amazing!  I use to have to use spot on my 40d and certainly spot on my 5dc and often that wasn't the best not being able to see the metering  in live view before taking the shot.  The metering on the 5dc sucked BTW

Life has changed on my T4i and 60d

On my 60d and T4i, haven't needed spot, 63 zone iFCL metering in evaluative seems to me to be really good.  I noticed exposures were better in the newer cameras when I upgraded from older generations 30d and 40d.  The better metering itself probably was worth the upgrade.

then to add live view and touch screen - Wowsers!

I think exposure is just as important as focus -- one needs good on both.

so on my T4i - if subjects are going to walk or run, I'm using the shutter button to lock metering of the scene using dual zone 63 pt evaluative, and the back button to focus and aiservo to track - I use the viewfinder in these instances.

but if the subjects are reasonably stationary, I go into my super duper LV magnify and touch screen method.

before shooting, I have my live view grid set to rule of thirds.  I have AF method in LV set to flexizone single.  I have continuous AF in live view set to disable.  I have metering timer in LV set to 30 seconds

first - I touch the screen with a finger on my left hand at one of the rule of thirds grid lines to set the composition with the flexizone focus block

second  -- i meter on the scene in LV, by shifting camera slightly and slowly side to side in evaluative 63 zone mode until I SEE the exposure in LV I want.  Once I SEE on the SCREEN the exposure I want, I lock exposure using the half shutter button.  YEAH - the separate meter lock I can SEE on the screen!

Third -- I move the camera back to my composition framing and with my right hand thumb, I magnify the flexizone single focus block to the highest magnification using the first back button.  I slide my thumb over to the second back button and punch the focus button with my thumb a few times until I see sharp focus.  I remove my thumb and focus locks.  I keep camera steady. I move my thumb to first button and remove the magnification to show the final framing and composition and exposure of my photograph.  If slight adjustment to framing is needed it will be ok to do with slight adjustments in the same plane of focus.

Wowsers -- I controlled the focus to a highly magnified view that I can see and I controlled metering to what I can see on the screen and I can see the photograph before i take the shot.    Click!

You might say -- how long does this take?  Depends on the shot, but 5-10 seconds.  And if I'm waiting on the expression, I wait.

Touch screen, Live View, LV Magnification, Back button separation of focus from metering -- 63 zone dual layer evaluative metering -- all I can say is they all rock!  They are changing the way I photograph rather stationary subjects

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