DSLR - Sensor dust

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why are some in denial?

OldschoolRu wrote:

philipW99 wrote:


1. The D600 has real quality problems.


3. On my D800 I probably need to do a clean once I see any evidence in "real life" photos.

True, same with D600 or any other DSLR.

How can you say that? The entire world is mass-complaining about this problem. I've browsed:

- dpreview

- fredmiranda

- nikonians

- dslr-forum.de

- photocamel

- planet nikon

- nikonfotografie

and other nikon-related fora in german & english. I've also browsed user reviews for the D600 from amazon.de, amazon.co.uk and amazon.com. The dominent issue is D600 dust. All feedback as to this problem has been measured and fair.

The D600 does indeed have REAL quality problems relating to the internal dispersal of debris on to the sensor after every mirror slap. Lensrentals, DPR's review and that well-known timelapse video have also confirmed it. MediaMarkt have confirmed it to me while I was in-store.

Denying this problem is just weird. What are your reasons for it?

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