What's the deal with prime lenses

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Re: What's the deal with prime lenses

I think the prime or zoom choice depends on the photographer.

I know that I don't have the natural talent to "see" a great image without a lot of work.  Some people have that talent.   They can use zooms because their natural composition talent allows them to pick out a great image at any focal length.  They have great "eyes."

I am more of a technician.  I read about composition but struggle to get really good compositions regularly.  I find the use of a single prime helps me out a lot.   As I am "seeing" or really looking for shots in one focal length.  So my concentration and imagination is better as it is concentrating on that focal length or view of the world.

I do envy those that can make naturally great compositions all the time and can see how they can use a zoom full time.  However I also know there are a lot of zoom users that like me could benefit greatly if they spent more time with different primes to improve the composition of their images.

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