Microsoft Word and Excel 97

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'Free' Office alternatives

I'm pretty much with anybody in this thread who giggles at the thought of actually paying money for a basic office productivity suite. Been supporting MS Office products since Win 3.1, and aside from maybe Outlook I'm simply not keen on the direction Microsoft has gone with their increasingly bloated office products. While I liked the concept of the ribbon in Office 2007 it's utterly absurd watching Word and Excel peg a dual core processor at 100% until they've been properly patched to get all the bugs out (oink). Outlook remains the only MS product in the suite worth using, and only in a corporate environment.

- Libre Office and Open Office are excellent alternatives. I fail to see much difference in either, and don't care.

- Microsoft gives away their basic office suite with SkyDrive. I prefer the free Microsoft services over Google simply for interface reasons. Google is worse than Lotus when it comes to crappy ergonomics.

I *believe* Open Office or Libre can import Office 97 documents...and spreadsheets with the usual care with macros of course.

I have some Office 97 .DOCs archived from way back when that have the notorious negative indent nested inside table bug than will crash older versions of Windows if opened. Thank you Wordperfect and it's clunky export filters for this wonderful feature.

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