Best raw converter for the D800 is...

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Re: Best raw converter for the D800 is...

John M Roberts wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

I think Aperture has fallen behind the times. It is not unusual for Apple to create a great application and then fail to properly maintain it longterm. Seems to me that is what is happening to Aperture.

Thanks again for contributing to my request for examples.

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This is disappointing. I'm still using Aperture 2 mainly because I enjoy the management. I keep raw on external drives with references on laptop. Robin, when you quit using Aperture for Lightroom did you miss the management aspect?

In my case there are elements of the file management I will miss such as managed files. But I'll get over it. LR has most of what I need.

In my workflow I generate jpegs and keep those in a separate folder structure for use in slide shows and synchronization with various devices. I keep separate Aperture referenced library for these and I may continue with that even while using LR for my originals/raws.


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