AF-S 50mm f1.8G on D700

Started Dec 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
Juergen Senior Member • Posts: 1,373
Re: AF-S 50mm f1.8G on D700

wasserball wrote:

I sold my SB600 and the D3s does not have a built-in flash.

Re-buy a flash! Personally I buy them used (from my trusted dealer with warranty).

My other primes are 24mm f2.8D,

Then use the 24 mm (instead of the 50 mm).

Personally I'd use my P-series Nikon compact for the purpose (with the SB-400 attached).

Or I'd dig deep into the cupboard and get out my ancient 35-70/3.3-4.5 AF to put on a D700 - these go via ebay for around 25 USD incl. shipping: You can never have too many lenses!

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