Not impressed with the "new" forum page look

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Re: Not impressed with the "new" forum page look

Simon Joinson wrote:

I have no record of you sending any emails. I assure you that i personally read every feedback sent. And i often reply. I'm sorry you've not had any luck but this isn't because of any policy.

In my opinion they are all up a place where the sun dont shine.

It's called Seattle.

1) Seattle can't be all that bad.

2) Replying specifically even more often would sometimes be nice ...

3) Perhaps DPR should have a user beta testing panel before public launching of new website bells and whistles? Case in point, what is the sense of the red "new" after newer posts? It doesn't matter if the posts are read or not. But I can tell the age by the date, so why the unnecessary tagging? Being in a different color, it does detract from the reading experience, for certain IMHO.

4) The Editor is simply terrible! I had to re-type the word "unnecessary" three times to get rid of the red squiggle underneath

Happy Holidays,


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