Are 2nd hand D700's overpriced??

Started Dec 29, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: starman1969, You just pay for quality: Advertised quality

Liviu Namolovan wrote:

D700 delivers 100% what's supposed to deliver. No QC issues, no crippled frame rate, no unwanted features (VIDEO- are you a PHOTOGRAPHER or a videographer???If the later, why on this photography forum???!), no AF nasty surprises on the left side, just to mention only a few motives.

The Nikon D700 is working like advertised: reliable quick AF, good WB (not some green tint photos), 12 clean HIGH Quality Mega Pixels to do with them whatever you like( I've made excellent 120cm x 80 cm prints at 180 dpi using Photoshop bicubic smoother interpolation), rugged body with no nasty surprises.

So, if D700 bodies are somewhat overpriced, it's only Nikon accountable for this matter. At this time, Nikon should have acknowledged and solved out the problems that plagued the new Nikon cameras.

I remember very well that too much Nikon users rushed into bashing the D700 as obsolete and redundant. Just that they somewhat forgotten that the D700 was the first Nikon FF affordable proposition and that was a darn good old quality camera. I do not think that are too many to reconsider their disrespectful and unfair opinions now they are confronting with the problems d600/d800 have. It is like the Divinity thought a lesson to the disrespectful ungrateful idiots that were constantly bashed the Nikon D700 just because new cameras arrived. I'm really sorry just for the d800 users that upgraded from whatever camera they previously have and confronting with the well known quality issues and have not disregarded THE D700. It is a difference between enjoying a new product and being just plain silly arrogant gear-heads.

Absolutely. For me D700 was 150% of what its supposed to be. Did everything I expected and more. I have 2 D700's. One of them has over 350,000 shutter actuation and never gave me a problem. I also have D800 but I don't use it as my main camera.

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