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Re: D-490 - "Waaah"

rt22306 wrote:

There's a C-3040 sitting in a box at work (not for my staff though), I'm tempted to appropriate one day with a view to test it out.

I am getting into the habit of uplading 3MP (2000x1500 pixel) pictures to my galleries, compressed to an average of 180 kB. At 1:1 viewing these allow seeing much better detail than 800x600 pixel pictures do, long before the compression starts pixellating them.

I have a 64mb SmartMedia card laying about to use in it.

My C-40 used to eat SmartMedia cards of any size when I changed batteries without turning the camera off first. I have left two 16 MB cards and the 128 MB card in the D-490

I still have a 4mp Kyocera here, and plan to hang onto it for a while longer.

It had a good reputation at the time.

Some of the older models can be hard to beat for IQ,...

That I will dispute. With just one exception, more MP always gave me more detail after in-camera sharpening. Those D-490 shots pixellate at just a hint of magnification, particularly the one with the cat and the SZ-30MR, which I cropped.

...and are so less complex than the new gizmos.

My D-490 is less intuitive than my SZ-30MR. On the first you need to turn on the LCD (1/3 the area of the SZ-30MR LCD) before you turn on the menu with a separate buttion. Some info appears on a separate LCD on top of the camera.

I am comparing like with like. The D-490 was my P&S until 2002, and it was preferred to the C-2500L for documenting my electronic projects (far less barrel distortion, also less noise). The SZ-30MR is my main camera now. The SP-570UZ is retained as backup for the long zoom shots and interiors with bounce flash. The Stylus 9010 is the emergency backup as a P&S with HD720p video.

Granted, the higher pixel counts in small CCDs usually go with less contrast and saturation. Contrast, saturation and over-sharpening often take on the meaning of IQ.

Thank you for your comments.


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