Gray Market Lens Repair, Serial Numbers, etc.

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Re: ... Not new, instead ... a previously-owned lens ...

clouseau2 wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

Daniel Clune wrote:

Since you know the serial number of the 300 2.8 lens you might buy your best bet would to contact Nikon and ask them if its a USA model.

Seems like a reasonable idea, if you can get through to anyone.

Now this whole thing and how Nikon wont even touch a non US lens seems down right illegal. Imagine a person from Canada driving down to the USA in his Chevy breaks down and because the car is from Canada even though it a Chevy refuse to look at it. That would never happen. How can Nikon get away with such an action. I can understand no warranty coverage but not repair at customers expense seems crazy. There throwing business away. Iam assuming they actually make a profit when they repair a lens at customers expense. Seems like a class action suit to me. Being former Canon user there are no problems like this with Canon. Seems like Nikon service acts like its stuck up.

I don't mean to defend their policy. I very much dislike it. They should fix any Nikon, regardless of where it came from.

I think the reason for the recent NikonUSA policy has to do with trying to crush grey market sales. NikonUSA spends money market the Nikon brand in the USA. Every grey market sale in the USA benefits from NikonUSA marketing, but does not contribute to it. It is called grey market because it is not illegal (black market) but it has immoral aspects to it. Grey market sales were flourishing in the USA because third party repair shops could repair them and you could buy warranties for them from 3rd parties.

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I live in Denmark . If i buy a lens in holland or great britain then its immoral ! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight LOL .

Happy holidays

Mvh Clouseau

immoral --- how? what of import cars? we buy crappy kias here in USA by the trainload... if you lean on them the metal body panels flex...

we have a global market - and if this is the path nikon is choosing... they will suffer as the world is getting smaller...

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