DXOmark: the 135L - far worse than the Sigma 85, get it second hand

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DXO is not a site for photographers but for geeks

Well, sharpest the Sigma may be but have you ever asked where in the frame it is sharpest???????????

Looking at photozone sort of confirms DXO claims: The sigma has a higher central sharpness than the 135L 3693 Lw/ph @ f/4 vs. 3488 LW/PH @f/5.6. I may add that sharpness of both lneses is on such a high level that these difference will be undetectable for any practical purpose.

Now compare the border and corner sharpness of the Sigma to the Canon:

You discover that the Canon is much, much sharper than the Sigma. The SIgma never ever sharpens up in the borders and corners actually (just as the Canon 85mm 1.2, btw).

Honestly this is just article is another corner stone of DXO incompetence. Very fast 85mm lenses are apprently very difficult to design. Across all manufactures you will find that 85mm 1.4 or faster lenses give great center performance but rather average border performance, even stopped down because they are optimized to provide usable center performance wide open.

85mm 1.8 lenses on the other hand fare much better in across the frame sharpness. Same goes for 135mm lenses. Practically all 135mm lenses from all manfacturers are sharp across the frame when stopped down.

What do we learn? Its idotic to compare two lenses of different focal length to find the sharpest. No photographer would do so. I know no one who goes for an 85mm lenses if he needs 135mm or vice versa because one lens is sharper than the other.

In the category of 135mm lenses the Canon 135L is btw still among the very best if not THE very best of whats on offer. Apart from the addition of IS I can see very little room for improvement here.... I may add that the Sigma is an excellent 85mm lens and certainly up there with the best in its category.

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